Installs in five easy steps. Ten minutes!
Compatible with most showers in Aus.
Saves up to 50 percent on water and energy.
More than 5000 units sold.
2 Year Warranty

Welcome to The Every Drop Shower Saver®

Save up to 50 percent of water showering with this simple to use, affordable device as well as the energy you need to heat it.

Pausing water 2mins per shower saves 18,000 ltrs. That's $328 of heating bills a year.

From Stav, the inventor:
'We won the night on The New Inventor's ABC TV show with The Every Drop Shower Saver® because it allows you to pause the water, with just one flick of the finger while soaping up.

This simple action can save half your water (and the money to heat it) while taking your time in the shower.

Unlike lights, we don't SEE the hot water heater working. If a light is left ON you quickly turn it OFF.

Heating water accounts for nearly a third of energy bills!'
'This is our second one.The first we installed in our caravan and it saves so much water that we look forward to being able to travel for extended periods without the need to top up the water tanks. I want one in our home shower as well.'
Jennifer T - Berry, NSW
'What a fabulous invention in our DRY country! Well done. I am buying them for my sibs and my best friend.'
There's no denying the effectiveness of it and I'd say it nearly halves your water usage. You get wet, turn the water off, lather up, turn the water on and rinse. Easy. The water saving are even better when you wash your hair as it is always a longer shower. All in all it's a highly effective little device that is easy to install and use. I highly recommend it.
From Green Renters independent website

Besides, water is a most valuable and often scarce resource in our country. Join thousands of satisfied customers nationwide who already use this amazing device.

WINNER Home-Water Saving Green Awards  - Green Lifestyle Magazine


WINNER The New Inventors ABC TV   People's Choice Award

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR Finalist -Smart Approved WaterMark

HIGHLY COMMENDED Home-Water Saving Green Awards  - Green Lifestyle Magazine

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