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The Every Drop Shower Saver®

Break the drought w/

...the secret weapon of water saving enthusiasts throughout Australia.

The Every Drop Shower Saver®

Episode &

People's Choice Winner

The New Inventors

ABC TV show

Save Water

Energy & Money

Featured in:

Better Homes & Gardens
& Choice Magazine

'Saw this amazing device on "The Inventors" on ABC and bought one almost straight away. I now want another. Greatest thing since sliced bread.'

Noel W. Helensvale QLD


Move mouse over pic to save water.

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Easiest way to save buckets.

Where does your money go?

We can't SEE water heaters working
so get surprise energy bill.

Typical NSW household energy consumption data nsw gov.


Heating water costs more than the water.

Pausing water 2mins per shower saves 18,000 ltrs
That's $328 of heating bills a year.







Stav wins The New Inventors

** WINNER Home-Water Saving Green Awards 2012 - Green Lifestyle Magazine

** WINNER The New Inventors ABC TV Episode 

** WINNER The New Inventors ABC TV   People's Choice Award

** PRODUCT OF THE YEAR Finalist -Smart Approved WaterMark

** HIGHLY COMMENDED Home-Water Saving Green Awards 2013 - Green Lifestyle Magazine

** RECOMMENDED by Choice Magazine here

** YOU CAN  BE A WINNER TOO -  Save water - Save Money -

The Every Drop Shower Saver® is a paddle-like device inserted at the base
of your existing shower head to save energy while KEEPING your favourite showerhead.

From Stav, the inventor:
We won the night on The New Inventor's ABC TV show with The Every Drop Shower Saver® because
it allows you to pause the water, with just one flick of the finger while soaping up.

This simple action can save half your water (and the money to heat it) while taking your time in the shower.

Unlike lights, we don't SEE the hot water heater working. If a light is left ON you quickly turn it OFF.

Heating water accounts for nearly a third of energy bills!

Shall we dance?

We do this little dance in the shower: We lean forward to rinse / lean back to soap / forward to rinse. While leaning back all that fresh water goes down the drain. With the EDSS, instead of stepping away from the water, swing the paddle to the right. Money dribbles into your pocket instead of down the drain.


The EDSS comes with a Two-Year Guarantee.

Yourself in 10 minutes. No plumber required. 

Contact me with any questions, Stav

A heavy 15-minute shower consumes 200 litres of water.

The Every Drop Shower Saver can save 100 litres per shower WHILE TAKING YOUR TIME IN THE SHOWER.

& the hot water won't run out on the last family member either !

It even reduces humidity in the bathroom!


'What a fabulous invention in our DRY country! Well done. I am buying them for my sibs and my best friend.'

'Watched your invention on ABC last week. We are building a house which will rely on tank water. Thought your idea great!'
Congratulations, Paul - Grafton NSW



remove shower rose for The Every Drop Shower Saver®    Remove your rose

add plumbers tape for The Every Drop Shower Saver®   Plumbers Tape

screw on valve for EDSS The Every Drop Shower Saver®   + EDSS valve

piggy back The Every Drop Shower Saver® onto the EDSS valve   + ORIGINAL rose

Adding the Paddle to The Every Drop Shower Saver®    + EDSS paddle DONE!

Take your time in the shower &

save more water then those who hurry!