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TRICK  QUESTION     What wastes the more water?      A B C or D ?

A      B

              Shower running from start to finish?                              Hose running while washing car from start to finish?

C           D

                                            Brushing teeth with taps running?                                  Hosing the pavement?

   Surprise Answer is   *A*     showering without the EDSS

  You'd expect the answer to be 'B' but we only wash our cars every couple of weeks while we shower everyday!

     Shower running continuously wastes the most water because over the course of a month ....
   * Wash car hose running consumes 30 mins water. (wash fortnightly = 2 days x15 mins)
   * Hosing pavement consumes 20 mins of water. (once a week = 4 days x 5mins)
   * Brushing teeth twice a day consumes 30 mins of water. (30 seconds each time)
   * Showering wastes 60 mins of water each month. Even with a 4 minute shower, 2 mins is spent soaping up, conditioning,

     while you step away from the water stream. (30 days x 2mins of wasted water)

     Double this if you shower twice a day! (2hrs of water @ 9 litres per min = 1080 litres!)

     Multiply this by the number of members in your family. Atleast  the whole family can fit in the clean car.


Our stand at the Garden Expo Borenore


How NOT to wash your car - with hose running

Yet we shower the same way - while we soap


Thanks D3 Designs in Sydney

for creating its friendly shape


We had fun chatting about saving water on air



Spared no expense creating beautiful EDSS



Every Drop Shower Saver began as a small family business

w/ customer service you only get from small businesses who care.


Water Wise Wizzy meets Stav


Watts & Drops Exhibition - Power House Museum


Des Horton awards Stav Finalist trophy for

Product of the Year 2009



This was a fun idea from designer & friend

Mike Marquette for those late buying an

EDSS for friends at Christmas time.

Feel free to request the hi-res PDF

to print & wrap for the tree.


Walla Walla Football & Netball Club likes The Every Drop Shower Saver

we love you too !




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