Q: Do I have to pay on the Internet? Answer!
Q: We are currently renting so, once this device is installed, how easy is it to remove and reinstall? Answer!
Q: Are there any government rebates for this product? Answer!
Q: Will it fit my shower?              TRICKY INSTALLS        NOT Designed for HOSE Type showers Answer!
Q: How much water can I expect to save? Answer!
Q: How long to delivery? Answer!
Q: I own a shop and would like to stock a few.  What is your wholesale pricing? Answer!
Q: How well does it work with Instant Gas Hot Water systems? The heater on our gas system turns on and off as the flow starts and stops, but I am unsure if the stop/start operation will cause variation in the temperature due to delays in the heater starting. Also is there a likelihood of greater wear and tear on the gas heater system? Answer!
Q: Any showers NOT RECOMMENDED for use? Answer!
Q: I received two emails from you confirmin my order but I think I ordered only one. Answer!
Q: How do I get the threads to be friends? The EDSS and my shower head, once tightened, face different directions. Answer!
Q: Has there been any formal trial of this device and if so, what are the results? Answer!
Q: Does it require water to be turned off to install? Answer!
Q: Is this device commercially available, who manufactures it, where is it available and what is the retail cost? Answer!
Q: The shower head I have in our bathroom is only 10cm long, does this mean I have to pull the old one out of the shed? Answer!
Q: Is it true that flow restricting shower heads actually consume <more> water because it takes longer to desolve the soap? Answer!
Q: Is it normal for the EDSS paddle to feel loose even though the screw is done up tight? Answer!
Q: Does the EDSS come in other colours - brass, gold, pink or white? Answer!
Q: HAMMERING  Why do I get a 'clunking noise when I turn the water off quickly? Answer!
Q: When I turn the shower water back on, it's too hot for a few seconds. Answer!
Q: Health Benefits - Is this compatible with shower heads that eliminate chlorine or does this eliminate chlorine as well? Answer!
Q: After installing, the Paddle has a slight wobble. Is this normal? Answer!
Q: Our water in Esperance has a very high calcium content. You should see our shower screens after a week! Will the valve cope with this type of build up? Answer!

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