I think this is the best invention since sliced bread. Well done and I’m very glad you won the People’s Choice.

Carol G - Bundamba Qld

Thanks for your prompt service. I already have one installed, and find the water saving while showering is amazing.

Bill & Christine - Gardeners Bay, TAS

It can take us girls a long time to do all the things we want to do in
the shower, but water really doesn't need to be running for the
majority of it. I'm about to order one as it's all good with the landlord.
Thanks again, I'm still so happy that this product exists!!!

Cheers, Jessica S - Murarrie QLD

I used the 4 minute shower timer this morning for my shower with the EDSS and DID NOT hurry. How does 1 minute and 45 seconds from the time I turned taps on to the time I turned them off sound? What a brilliant product!

Debbie S - Rothwell QLD

They’re easy to install and they really do save a lot of water!!
Thanks for all your time and effort.

Regards, BT - Toowoomba, QLD

Still enjoying my shower saver. We're down from 390 L/day to 290 L/day! Now I just have to find what else is using the water ...

RW - Burwood VIC

Saw this on the New Inventors.

Bought one for myself and my family and friends are all converts.
Dad is getting one for Christmas :)   Great product!

Lisa T - Woombye, QLD

Just wanted to add my name to the list of happy customers...I've never done this before, but I'm just so pleased with my EDSS! I rent a little old apartment, with extremely temperamental shower taps so that getting the right temperature becomes an artform. I'd have no hope of turning my water off at the tap and being able to get it back without wasting twice as much, but the EDSS has reduced my water use by about 75%!

Leah - Vic

The products look well thought out and produced. We live on a semi rural property on tank water, so water is always a finite resource and we are very aware of the need to preserve it at all costs. I started investigating something of this nature recently because my elderly mother had a fall and required showering. While we were able to get a shower seat for her which held the shower hose it didn’t overcome the problem of the water still running while she soaped etc and more importantly not to have to go through the whole water wasting procedure of getting the temperature right yet again. From what we can see your product answers our problems so assisting in aged care or invalidity situations is another marketing point for you to promote.

Well done, Cheers Vikki - Birkdale, Qld

This is our second one. The first we installed in our caravan and it saves so much water that we look forward to being able to travel for extended periods without the need to top up the water tanks.  I want one in our home shower as well.

Jennifer T - Berry, NSW

Just wanted to say that several weeks ago I purchased one of your shower savers and am delighted with it. Congratulations on coming up with a simple but so terrific a product. It was so easy to install myself and I am amazed at how much shower water I am saving. Easier on my back to bring a bucket (now only one third full) down to the garden (less for the garden) and I feel good about the water I am saving. Well done Stav - a great achievement!!

MC - Hampton Vic

Thank you for all the patience and courtesy you showed us.

Your after-sales service is 100% and your product just great!.

Thanks again,   Nick D - Mogendoura NSW

Have to tell you the EDSS arrived in two DAYS not WEEKS - very impressive. And I Absolutely LOVE it! Its the best thing possible to help with water saving. I was going through the routine of turning off the taps between shampooing and washing and then having to jump round to avoid too hot or too cold when I turned them back on. No fun and only my ideology kept me at it. But now its so easy. Makes showers a pleasure again. They should be compulsory!!

Many thanks, SB - Balmain NSW

Hi Stav, Glad to see you up and running. I've just bought 2 and will demonstrate for all my friends, so they can be a part of the million people who will buy this product and save us having to raise the height of the dam on the Shoalhaven River allowing it the freedom to flow to the sea. We will also no longer require a de-salination plant at Kurnell. Good joss and may you prosper.

Thanks & regards, AG - Bulli NSW

Hi, I just wanted to say we received the Shower Saver and it is GREAT!! Very efficent service, easy to install and use. I am saving SO MUCH water - it is such a Good Feeling for such a simple solution I am now extolling the virtues to all and sundry.

Best of Luck with it, VH - Bentleigh VIC

Hi Stav, There would be a lot less greenhouse gasses if every shower had your unit installed. I am looking forward to reduced power bills.

Regards JK - Wahroonga NSW

There's no denying the effectiveness of it and I'd say it nearly halves your water usage. You get wet, turn the water off, lather up, turn the water on and rinse. Easy. The water saving are even better when you wash your hair as it is always a longer shower. All in all it's a highly effective little device that is easy to install and use. I highly recommend it.

From Green Renters independent website:

Many thanks for the EDSS water saver, it arrived this morning at 8.00 am. I have fitted it and it is working and it is not even 9.00am!!!! Just let people know that women can fit it as easy as pie, even with the help of a 10 month old pup! The dogs will be bathed this afternoon without me wasting water! As soon as I can afford two more I will get them for my showers. Many thanks for your prompt and understanding attention.

Kind regards, DS - Rothwell Qld

Congratulations on your invention! My husband & I were very impressed with your Every Drop Shower Saver. Just as you explained on last night's programme, we rely on tank water and know that this is a much needed device. For many years we have attempted to turn off the water to soap up etc. but haven't developed this as a habit because of the loss of water temperature.


We've just seen your invention on the ABC.  Congratulations for creating an awesome, practical and valuable resource saving product. This will save us so much time and water, as we currently collect water in 2-litre buckets and recycle that on our garden.  

Thanks again for a great invention, BW - Horsley, NSW

Awesome news!!! With all our continuing water restrictions in Queensland, this I believe is a must for every household. Seeing that your invention is now on the market I reckon that it would be a good idea to see if you can get some airtime on radio and news programs or look at advertising in newspapers so this idea can get out there. Just a note that our Premier has suggested that all Queenslanders should only be taking 5 minute showers in this time of water restriction. Once again thank you for letting me know and I will organise I multiple purchase in the near future.

Regards BC - Brisbane (Parliamentary Counsel) QLD

Ever since you appeared on The New Inventors, my wife and I have been saying we can't wait until they are at the hardware shop but this is even better!

Regards, PM - Hornsby Shire Council, NSW

What a fabulous invention in our DRY country! Well done Michael. I am buying them for my sibs and my best friend.


Hi Stav, My son did install it and tells me he even uses it. I have now had 2 EDDS showers and it works brilliantly. Congratulations on producing such a simple and efficent product. Now that I have used it I am going to send an email to all my contacts recommending they buy it and tell their friends.

Regards, BD - Beechmont, QLD

Yippee! Yahoo!!   I'm so pleased that you finally got your shower saver up and in production! My order is in your system!

Congratulations, SD - Tasmania

Hi Michael, Just thought I would let you know, at last I have my shower saver fitted (slow husband). I must say it is brilliant marvelous. You should have a good market with hospitals and elderly peoples nursing homes. It is so great being able to control the water. Good luck to you, a great invention. I will tell everyone I meet. Keep up the good work,

Regards, MM - Bull Creek, WA


Dear Michael, We have had our Every Drop Shower Saver for a week now and are writing to tell you how pleased we are with it. It is great to be able to turn the water on and off with just one quick movement of the paddle, instead of endless adjustments to the taps each time trying to get the desired water temperature. Also, we have had no problem with the water hammering which we initially were concerned with. Thanking you for inventing such an excellent product and we wish you success with the Every Drop Shower Saver.

Regards R & LS - Croydon, VIC

It would be useful if folk used it while shampooing their hair and again while applying conditioner and waiting the customary two minutes or so before washing off again instead of letting all that water flow away meantime. Also folk who are injured (as I am at the moment - on crutches with a badly sprained ankle) and have to soap up rather slowly and awkwardly while seated. I've been switching off the water while doing so, but getting it back with automatically the same pressure and temperature instead of having to duck out of the way (still on the chair) while re-adjusting would have been a great advantage.

Cheers, RG

I think it is a great invention and would be a great water saver for most people and save all that precious clean water just going down the drain.

Marilyn S.

Hi Stav, I finally had a plumber install the Shower Saver. He knows my situation, and he was really impressed with your invention. Tony has used it, and I have to tell you it is an unqualified success. He is able to turn off the water, dry himself in the shower and get out. I follow up by turning off the water at the faucets, but I have to say, it is great. For a caregiver like me, any device that makes my life (and Tony's) easier is wonderful. For Tony, it means that he has more control over his task, and he really likes it. It is also a very good "emergency switch" in case we ever need it. I think it looks great. Thanks again for helping me out.

You have no idea how much I appreciate it.   Nancy

Good idea. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I told my wife while watching the inventors last night that if your product did not win I would never watch the show again. Yours is a simple great idea.

Regards David

This is a fantastic invention. I live on the top of Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast’s hinterland. We are on tank water, a scarce resource. This device answers a need that I have been aware of for years - well done.

Regards, David S

This is the best & I love the idea. I am a full-time student on the road to becoming a Building Designer, limiting me to housing only. I am focusing my energies on environmental matters & think this is a sure winner & that I would put one in every shower in every house that I was to design.

Well done. Rhys D.

It is a great idea and well executed. I do a lot of house designs in rural areas, and some even in urban areas that use solely rainwater. I think many of my clients will be interested in the shower saver.

All the best,   Andrew W.

Thanks for showing your invention on the New Inventors. We have been watching the program since its beginning and this is the first time we have wanted more information on a product. Your invention is incredible and totally needed, not only by tank water users such as ourselves but by anyone living in this country. We have just had the driest February on record and last year we had the driest winter/spring on record and the long range forecast is for this year to be even worse. We live about an hour north of Brisbane in predominately a rainforest environment and we are certainly not exempt for the effects of global warming, our dry seasons have been devastating for our bushland, imagine how your invention would help those people who live in naturally dry areas when we know how much water it would save us here.

Congratulations on the ABC award, it certainly is a great invention. Anne D. – Buderim, Qld

Hello Michael, Congratulations on your success on the Inventors program. Hope you have success marketing it. I’m sure many people will find it useful and wonder ‘how they did without it before getting one’. Well done.

Best regards, Theo

Good morning! Watched ‘New Inventors’ last night and was blown away by the simplicity of your Water Saver. I want one!! I live in country Tasmania and as you (and the panel) pointed out saving tank water has to be a good thing.

Cheers, Sue D.

Hi Stav. I was so excited about your shower saver. I am building a new house and am putting in a permaculture garden out the back (chooks and all), so your invention is just perfect for my new ecofriendly house.

Kind Regards,   Meredith B.

Hi! I was watching The New Inventors last night and saw your amazing Every Drop Shower Saver. It’s just what we need in this house!!! Marvellous and wonderful and top marks. Must get Invention of the Year!!!!! Yeah!!!


This product must be one of the best in relation to water conservation. I wish you the best of luck.

Regards, Stuart

We certainly think that this is a terrific invention and inexpensive for the household, and should be very popular.

All the best,   Helena C.

My sister bought me the shower saver as a gift because I was complaining about my three young sons dragging their feet to the shower and how much water they wasted getting in and warming the temperature. Now they run to it. They love it and they actually use more soap while the water's stopped and wash properly. What a brilliant product! Where they filled a bucket of water with each shower, now they're lucky to waste about a quarter of a bucket each.

M. A. - Qld

I have long felt guilty about the water that pours down the plughole as I shampoo my hair, shave my legs, soap up various parts of my body, but very soon gave up the ridiculous “turn off water, complete action, turn on water, juggle with temperature” saga when I tried to “do my bit” for further water savings. We have had minimum flow shower heads since they were first available, but I was sure there must be, or soon must be, something better. And now there is!

...ingenious device - Kaye R.

Hi Michael, Simply love it, love it, love it. I don’t have much money but if you need a couple of grand I would be happy to help you out, every home should have one.

Best Wishes, Al

I live close to Canberra (on a property with tank water. This is a sensational device which could easily find itself into every semi rural property with tank water.

Regards Mal B.

Watched your invention on ABC last week. We are building a house which will rely on tank water. Thought your idea great!

Congratulations. Paul - Grafton NSW

I watched you on New Inventors and am very interested in your product. I have tank water. I live on the East coast of Tasmania and the rainfall is quite good but still you need to be mindful of water consumption.

Regards Ann M.

We love it!

Thanks and regards, Deb & Hugh C.

Congratulations on winning the prize at the recent New Inventors show. I thought your every drop shower saver was a top idea and wish to purchase one if possible.

Regards, John

Hi there, saw your product and WANT IT !! Can you please ad../mgf_vis/e where we might be able to get hold of a few of these gizmos. We have a rural property with tank water and need your product.

TIA John.

Dear Michael, I think your invention has been the best idea on the New Inventors for a long time. I live in the bush and am on tank water, so I need one now. I live in Gatton, Queensland.

A most impressed Jim M.

Hi there, love the invention.... been talking to everyone about it.

Thanks heaps, Daniel H.

I loved your water saver. Can The government should be on to this like a ton of bricks, making them compulsory in every house. Perhaps you could do a bit of lobbying with your local member?
Best wishes,   Diana J

Hi Michael, Congratulations on your well deserved success in the New Inventors. I live in the country and use tank water so your invention appeals to me. I’m sure the addition of your device will improve our efficiency. I’m also involved in sustainable urban design ( which is probably an oximoron) and I’m looking forward to promoting the Every Drop Shower Saver in the suburbs.

Every home should have one. I live behind the Gold Coast. 
Do you need a sales agent in QLD?

Regards, Barry D

Dear Michael, Congratulations on your water saving invention. Our house relies on tank water as its sole supply of water so water is equilevant to `liquid gold`.

Continued success, Harlein S

Was most impressed to see your invention last Wednesday and as a result started seriously monitoring my shower use. To my horror I discovered that when I turn on the shower to the normal pressure I use, it takes 3 seconds to fill a 1 litre jug. I already have short showers, but I know I could save even more water.

Thank you Jennifer T

G’day Michael! Well I never. Sleek, good looking, efficient. And the shower valve isn’t bad, either. Seriously, though, I need two immediately, so I might keep up with my teenage daughters voracious appetite for my tank water.

Regards, Greg J

Congratulations Mike, we think your invention is just fantastic and think it should be compulsorily fit into all new houses at building stage. In this dry land of ours we need to save every precious drop of water. What does the environment minister think of your invention???

Thanks & kind regards,  Deborah

Stav, I've just had my first EDSS shower and am quite pleased! Thank you for helping me sort out the orientation problem.
Now, to tell my friends about it...

Have a great weekend - you deserve it! BF - Geelong West, VIC

Just a note to say how impressed I am with the EDSS.
Used with a water efficient shower head, a shower takes only 16 litres - compared with 200+ litres for the longer showers I used to take with a standard shower head! I am telling everyone I know about the EDSS.
Thanks again, you are a legend!

Roddi W - Melbourne

Your invention is revolutionary.. Well done on your success.

Kristy K - Ringwood VIC

Thanks so much for your email confirming payment received. I am so looking forward to getting The Shower Saver and replacing my miserly low flow head with the fastest and heaviest flow head I can find. Good one Stav.

Regards Colin P - Nelson Bay NSW

Thanks Stav, Was impressed when you demonstrated it on the New Inventors and was reminded to do something about it when I saw you again on one of the morning shows. Good Luck with the product and looking forward to testing it out.

Regards, Peter T - Maroubra NSW

Saver is a great but simple idea, as most practical idea's and solutions are. Please keep that brain ticking over - I'm sure there are more great solutions in there.

Thanks, Paul C - Dubbo NSW

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that we received our shower saver the other day and it's FABULOUS, we are really happy with it. I think it's a far better idea than a water saving shower head as you still get the good water coverage and pressure, not those stabbing needles of water, and the amount of time that the water is on is barely anything! Good work.

Thanks so much, Liz S - West Preston VIC

Hello Stav, The Shower saver was installed today and am happy to say that I am extremely satisfied with it. I guess it would be even more useful / valuable when the winter months come along. I hope to order three more for my three children ... within a couple of weeks.

Kind regards & best wishes, Maurice L - Maryborough VIC

Thank you for informing me of the delay in delivery of the Shower Saver. Your manners and customer service are well appreciated.

I look forward to using the Shower Saver.

Regards, Peggy Z - Heidelberg Heights VIC

Stav, Congratulations! Thankyou so much for letting me know that your Every Drop Shower Saver is now available. I will order one today & will pass the news around to all our neighbours who are also on water tanks.

Many thanks, CLB - Gidgegannup - WA

"I bought 2 recently & think they are great so will give to family as presents."

SC - Glen Iris Vic

OMG. 4 days ago I checked my water meter and noted the reading. Since then I have only used a total of 37 litres, Less than 10 litres / day.. I am looking forward to my next water bill to see the difference.

Darcy - Melbourne

The shower saver is saving us water as we can turn off the water at any point of showering which includes at times showering a large dog and  general cleaning of the shower cubicle. It was easy to install. I did it myself. We really like the convenience of not impacting on the water flow – we hate those skimpy water flow nozzles, they don’t wash anything nor nobody. We also looooove the convenience as ‘renters’. We will be able to take this product with us in our future moves – that's certainly a big plus for us as country people. The price was good as well I think $50-$60, it certainly affordable. I recommend to my friends and those that have stayed with us are pretty chuffed as well with it.

Anita E - ACT

I absolutely love the shower saver. Even though I'm not sure if my kids are using it all the time, I certainly am. Just by turning it off and on when shaving legs it must save heaps (for us females it takes a while!!!)

Cheers Debbie - Wurtulla QLD

It can take us girls a long time to do all the things we want to do in
the shower, but water really doesn't need to be running for the
majority of it. I'm about to order one as it's all good with the landlord.
Thanks again, I'm still so happy that this product exists!!!

Cheers, Jess - Murarrie, QLD

Saw this amazing device on "The Inventors" on ABC and bought one almost straight away. I now want another. Greatest thing since sliced bread.

Noel W. Helensvale QLD

Yes we do love saving water and believe that the two units have more than paid for themselves during the 6 years we have had them. In fact, when we are elsewhere we feel really terrible about the amount of water that runs down the drain because our hosts don't have these units. We tell everyone about them. Everyone who comes to stay with us uses them and likes them. I also feel that you have more room in your shower when the water is turned off using the paddle.

Anne T - Cloverdale WA

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