Thanks so much for your email confirming payment. I am so looking forward to getting The Shower Saver and replacing my miserly low flow head with the fastest and heaviest flow head I can find. Good one Stav.

Regards Colin P – Nelson Bay, NSW

It can take us girls a long time to do all the things we want to do in the shower, but water really doesn't need to be running for the majority of it. I'm about to order one as it's all good with the landlord. Thanks again, I'm still so happy that this product exists!!! Cheers

Jessica S – Murarrie, QLD

This is our second one. The first we installed in our caravan and it saves so much water that we look forward to being able to travel for extended periods without the need to top up the water tanks. I want one in our home shower as well.

Jennifer T – Berry, NSW

Have to tell you the EDSS arrived in two DAYS not WEEKS - very impressive. And I Absolutely LOVE it! Its the best thing possible to help with water saving. I was going through the routine of turning off the taps between shampooing and washing and then having to jump round to avoid too hot or too cold when I turned them back on. No fun and only my ideology kept me at it. But now its so easy. Makes showers a pleasure again. They should be compulsory!!

Many thanks, SB – Balmain, NSW

Many thanks for the EDSS, it arrived this morning at 8 am. I have fitted it and it is working and it is not even 9am!!!! Just let people know that women can fit it as easy as pie, even with the help of a 10 month old pup! The dogs will be bathed this afternoon without me wasting water! As soon as I can afford two more I will get them for my showers. Many thanks for your prompt and understanding attention.

Kind regards, DS – Rothwell, Qld

Hi Michael, Just thought I'd let you know, at last I have my showersaver fitted (slow husband). I must say it is brilliant marvelous. You should have a good market with hospitals and elderly peoples nursing homes. It is so great being able to control the water. Good luck to you, a great invention. I will tell everyone I meet. Keep up the good work

Regards, MM – Bull Creek, WA

Good idea. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I told my wife while watching the Inventors last night that if your product did not win I would never watch the show again. Yours is a simple great idea.

Regards David

This is a fantastic invention. I live on the top of Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast’s hinterland. We are on tank water, a scarce resource. This device answers a need that I have been aware of for years - well done.

Regards, David S

Hi Stav. I was so excited about your shower saver. I am building a new house and am putting in a permaculture garden out the back (chooks and all), so your invention is just perfect for my new ecofriendly house.

Kind Regards, Meredith B.

My sister bought me the shower saver as a gift because I was complaining about my 3 young sons dragging their feet to the shower and how much water they wasted getting in and warming the temperature. Now they run to it. They love it and they actually use more soap while the water's stopped and wash properly. What a brilliant product! Where they filled a bucket of water with each shower, now they're lucky to waste about a quarter of a bucket each.

M. A. – Qld

I live close to Canberra (on a property with tank water). This is a sensational device which could easily find itself into every semi rural property with tank water.

Regards Mal B.

G’day Michael! Well I never. Sleek, good looking, efficient. And the shower valve isn’t bad, either. Seriously, though, I need two immediately, so I might keep up with my teenage daughters voracious appetite for my tank water.

Regards, Greg J

Just a note to say how impressed I am with the EDSS.Used with a water efficient shower head, a shower takes only 16 litres - compared with 200+ litres for the longer showers I used to take with a standard shower head! I am telling everyone I know about the EDSS. Thanks again, you are a legend!

Roddi W – Melbourne

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we received our shower saver the other day and it's FABULOUS, we are really happy with it. I think it's a far better idea than a water saving shower head as you still get the good water coverage and pressure, not those stabbing needles of water, and the amount of time that the water is on is barely anything! Good work.Thanks so much

Liz S – West Preston VIC

We love saving water. The 2 units have more than paid for themselves in the 6 yrs we've had them. When elsewhere we feel terrible about the amount of water that runs down the drain when our hosts doesn't have one. I also feel you have more room in the shower when water is turned off using the paddle.

Anne T – Cloverdale WA

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