What it is (and isn’t)

The Every Drop Shower Saver® is a paddle-like device inserted at the base of your existing shower head to save energy while KEEPING your favourite showerhead. After pausing the water, one flick of the EDSS brings it back ON at the SAME TEMPERATURE & PRESSURE (at a fraction of the price of a mixer tap). Installation is easy – DIY in 10 minutes. No plumber required to install it. Find the installation

From Stav, the inventor:

We won the night on The New Inventor’s ABC TV show (see it here) with The Every Drop Shower Saver® because it allows you to pause the water with just one flick of the finger while soaping up. This simple action can save half your water (and the money to heat it) while taking your time in the shower. Unlike lights, we don’t SEE our hot water heater working. If a light is left ON you quickly turn it OFF. Heating water accounts for nearly a third of your energy bill! 

Shall we dance?

We do this little dance in the shower: We lean forward to rinse / lean back to soap / forward to rinse – but while leaning back all that fresh water goes down the drain. With the EDSS, instead of leaning back, swing the paddle to the right = money dribbles into your pocket instead of down the drain. The EDSS even comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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EDSS is a paddle-like device easily fitted
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